PhD Fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Technology and data are my two-sided hammer. While, finance and supply chain fields are two of my favorite and expertise areas where I enjoy fixing problematical nails. I have expertise and knowledge in specific technologies: Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning, but I also follow regularly advancement and applications of other technologies.

My passion for technology and data carried me through my current PhD fellowship at NTNU, where I am currently researching ''How the huge flow of digital data and advancement in machine learning algorithms can enhance financial services ''

I got hands on experience in Blockchain technology at both an incumbent enterprise as part of an academic collaboration, and a start-up as part of a professional experience, where I modeled Blockchain use cases for both enterprises, that were adopted for piloting.

I enjoy networking and continuous learning, and this led me to join different research working groups namely the 'COST- European Cooperation in Science and Technology' and 'NTNU Centre for Banking and Finance', so as to contribute in strengthening the visibility of research in FinTech in Norway and Europe.

o Main skills: Programming language Python, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Big Data(Digital Data), Web scrapping and API.


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